The Auckland Flower Show
The Auckland Flower Show 2012

It's all on at the Auckland Flower Show 2012

Fun for everyone, including competitions for kids. Check out the Cool Kids Grow Plant-a-Box that Rocks competition.
Great prizes with gift packs to the value of $1500.

Or you could win a free ticket with the recycle bin garden competition. Please download the registration form to enter your recycle bin garden or email us.

Traditional garden formats have been restructured in the show gardens to allow more variety, colour and excitement. The Show Garden categories for 2012 allow for student and community involvement as well as showcasing outstanding, professional designers. Awards will be decided by our esteemed panel of judges.

Gardens at the 2008 Auckland Flower Show

Exhibition Gardens

The large Exhibition Gardens are the traditional stars of the show where designers choose their own theme to play out in the large 12m x 12m gardens.

Design and build: Take It Outside Ltd. Tim Friday & Adrian Fry , Ph 021-703 300
Sponsor: Sticks & Stones Ltd  Ph (09) 307-0821
A tongue in cheek impression of the future face of gardening if we fail to act now in adopting sustainable practice towards saving our environment.

North Shore City Council: Sensory Garden
Designer: Kim Brown
A stimulating journey through the senses. Explore some of the many sensory opportunities that can be discovered in the open spaces of our city. Read more...

Designer: Alex Schanzer Ph 0274-856 375,
Sponsors: Metalier and Lighting Pacific Ltd 
The fundamental process of Chlorophyll - a conceptual view utilising light and sculpture in a landscape dimension. Read more...

Landsendt - get married in paradise
Designer: Carolyn Melling Ph (09) 818-6914
Sponsors: Bambusero, Mark Mortimer and Urban Fale, Athol Greentree 027-486-0976
Showcasing Landsendt: A paradise garden - perfect for a tropical wedding, right here in Auckland. Amazing plants, Bamboo Sculpture, Traditional Fale. No need to get on a plane!

Waiora - Life Giving Water
Designer: Clyde Tukaiora Connell Ph Ph 021-0204-1488
Artist: Vaughan Morgan
Sponsors: Trees Rock & Water Ltd, Mahurangi Technical Institute   and Liberty Park - Eleanor Keen  
Waiora is a concept that denotes complete and utter wellbeing. The literal meaning is “water of life”. The garden’s intention shows the harmony between man and nature, with water as the life-giving force sustaining both.

Courtyard Gardens

'Urban Paradise' for walled inner city living using a 6m x 6m space to reflect the new urban environment we live in.

Inovo/Ecosmart: Living Outside the Ordinary
Designer: Caroline Wesseling  Ph 021-111 4621
Sponsors: Inovo and Ecosmart  
This urban courtyard has been designed as an intimate outdoor bathroom space. Showcasing a stone composite 'Apaiser' bath and other luxury bathroom ware from Inovo. And 'The Tower’ flame from Ecosmart Fire.

Watch This Space Landscapes Ltd
Designers: Matt McIsaac 027-465 6401 and Mathew Ransom 021-171 2222
Modern design, simplistic plantings, large entertainment areas, innovative ideas and easy care can all be associated with this inner city courtyard. Escape from everyday life in this private, functional paradise.

A Rose Garden
Designer: Norma Manuel Auckland Rose Society Ph 575-6661
Colour and perfume from Hybrid-Teas and Old-Fashioned roses growing in and around colourful metal sculptures giving this urban paradise peace and tranquillity to enjoy.

Raranga - weaving curves
Designers: Chris Davis, Jordan Draffin and Melanie Gaskin  Ph 820-0497, 021-712 834
Like traditional raranga the smooth and sensuous curves of this subtropical courtyard weave together to form the perfect haven to unwind after a hectic day.

The Powder Room
Designer: Kate Frazerhurst  Ph (09) 372-9948, 021-443 263 
Sponsors: Robertson   Island Stone
The Powder room - luxurious & sleek - pampers and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul in its sensory opulence.

Kiwi Gold at Tully and Gardener
Designer: Trina Tully  Ph (09) 360-7576, 021-472 474
Sponsor: KiwiGold, Robert Bett Ph (09) 416-8524
Our petite functional courtyard garden is designed for the young at heart, the fun modern gardener who wants it all. A European inspired living space with fresh organic veggies, colourful containers and fragrant flowers.

Kiwi Back Gardens

'Sustainability' theme with a capped materials budget in a 6m x 6m space.

Kia ora ai te wai 'make the water well'
Designer: Kirsten Sach, Landscape Design Ltd Ph 818-2827, 021-755 967
Sponsor: Auckland Regional Council This garden is a representation of how rain from your roof can be harvested and purified in your own backyard.

Create your own Eden
Design: Worms Rus Ph (09) 292-7759
Sponsors: Auckland City Council, Manukau City Council, North Shore City Council, Papakura District Council, Franklin District Council, Rodney District Council
Environmentally friendly ideas on recycling kitchen and garden organic waste to valuable fertiliser, using worm farms, compost and Bokashi systems producing healthy fruit and vegetables.

Kids Naturally
Design: Nick Beveridge & Waikowhai Intermediate School students
Sponsor: Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand.
A backyard experience through the eyes of Waikowhai Intermediate students, using imagination and creativity to conserve resources and provide a safe haven for native wildlife.

Kauri - Plants for the Future
Design: Avant Landscape Design Ph 027-518 3018
Exhibitor: Pukenui Park Nursery, Pukenui, Northland.
Sponsors: Bakerboys Nursery, Kerikeri, Ancient Kauri Kingdom  
The kiwi backyard meets the Kiwi's backyard - a sustainable garden integrating plants that support native wildlife as well as provide an appealing outdoor space.

Tropical Breeze Bar & Shower
Design: Jules Moore Ph 021-809-089
Sponsor: Brustics Ph (09) 478-2260
Innovative use of simple renewable resource, thatch, bamboo, and eucalypt; combines with a tropical garden reflecting the pacific expression of the Northern kiwi backyard.

Thatch Summer House Garden
Design: 'Atmosfleur' Patsy O'Malley & Chris Tabak Ph 0274-797-654
Sponsor: Brustics Ph(09) 478-2260
Traditional English elements combine with self-sustaining potager and romantic flora to create a useful and productive garden reflecting an evocative Southern kiwi backyard.

Meat & 2 Veg
Design: Pathfinders, Angelique Lambermon Ph 027-5197108  
In association with Lynn Cairney ph (09) 534- 1823
Exhibitor: Manukau City Council. contact Chris Beard, Manukau City Parks
This is a kiwi back garden with a twist. It's about sustainability, education and being practical. It's a concept that we want the people to embrace, learn and become part of.

Resene Planted Borders

'Flowers in the Garden' with planting design recognised as an art in itself in a 6m x 3m space.

Lotus Enlightening
Design: Julie Moore  Ph 021-809-089
 Cindy Nancarrow, Planting Solutions Ph (09) 814-9509
Sponsor: Plantet Earth Nursery Ph(09) 412-2689
Experience a symphony of colour, form, and subtropical splendour. Harmonizing with nature’s beauty. Tune into our Lotus pods and they will become en-lightning.

A Taste of things to come
Design: Jules Moore Ph 021-809-089 , Cindy Nancarrow, Planting Solutions Solutions (09) 814-9509
Sponsor: Plantet Earth Nursery Ph (09) 412-2689
'Thinking outside the square'. An alternative formal edible garden Visually Tasty with a 'mixed bowl' of delicious fruit fit for any salad. Refreshingly tantalizing.

Moved by Tides
Design: Landsape Design Company 
Exhibitor: Naturally Native
Our coastal dunes need protection and restoration. A beachfront garden featuring Naturally Native coastal plants, including some unusual and endangered, graciously integrates with sand dune restoration species.

Design: Tania Barke 027-287 8592
Sponsor: Gardenza
A sub-tropical border to showcase Gardenza’s collection of rare and exotic bulbous plants, featuring stunning delights such as the fireball lily (Scadoxus multiflorus spp Katherine) amongst others.

Evolution Garden
Designer: Kararaina Barrett Ph (09) 815-8994, 021-821206
Sponsor: Coromandel Cacti
The Evolution Garden blends xerophytic exotics with our tough NZ natives, for dry water-conscious gardens. Environmentally safe, this garden also showcases the unique morphology of plants found in challenging environmental conditions.

The Pink Galaxy Garden
Designer: Dale Lanigan Ph (09) 428-3350 021-148 3959
Sponsors: Super Trees, Kaipara Coast Nurseries
This design is based on a galaxy in the outer reaches of the 'known' universe; evoking a response to the notion of infinity...

Between a Rock & a Shady Place
Design: John and Trish Uffindell
Exhibitor: Pepper Tree Nurseries Ph (07)868-9535
Maples, hostas, ligularias, and heucheras are used to show how leaf shape, texture and colour can be used to create a restful garden.

Horticulture Avenue

'Plants' - specialist collections, clubs & societies

Gone But Not Forgotten
Design: Roy Neale  Ph 416-6737 
Exhibitor: Waitakere Orchid Club
A display of Orchids depicting a lost New Zealand treasure

Gardening for All Ages
Design: Jo Aitchison  Ph 638-7609 
Exhibitor: Auckland Horticulture Council
The Auckland Horticulture Council promotes gardening activities by running education programmes & shows - keeping clubs well informed & encouraging new members to come & enjoy.

Bromeliad Society of New Zealand
Design: Jocelyn Coyle
Sponsor: Totara Waters  
Bromeliads: Exotic, easy to grow plants that delight your eyes and captivate your heart.

Discover New Zealand Gardens
Design: Liz Morrow
Exhibitor: New Zealand Gardens Trust 
The New Zealand Gardens Trust is committed to high standards & proudly promotes private & public gardens to visit.

Design: Julena Moors
Exhibitor: Vege People. 
Vegetable Sculpting at its Best 

Creativity with Food

The Floral Halls

The focus is firmly back on flowers for 2012 with all floral displays in air-conditioned function rooms with carpeted floors. Enjoy stunning displays in an environment that is kinder for the flowers and with greater comfort for floral appreciators.

In the Floral Art Hall leading clubs and societies will be exhibiting their ideas under the theme "Dancing with the Flowers" and trying to out-do each other to win the coveted awards. This hall will also be hosting the Floral Art Society of New Zealand (Auckland Branch) Designer of the Year competition, so expect some stunning displays here.

Meanwhile in the Floral Design Hall the professional florists will be showcasing their talents under the theme "Fusion Flowers" and creating inspiring, surprise displays.

At the 2008 show, World Cup competitors Iain Stephens of New Zealand and Mark Pampling of Australia collaborated in a huge joint Australasion 8 metres by 4 metres floral extravaganza, whilst renowned plant breeder Dr Keith Hammet had a huge 14 metre sweet pea display highlighting two new varieties.

Watch out for the same sort of spectacular extravaganzas in 2012!!

Seminar Hall

The Speaker Series will again provide many highly informative talks on everything to do with garden and garden design, floral art, plant care.

Click here to see the timetable of some of the highly skilled and renowned speakers that spoke at the 2008 show - expect the same sort of quality speakers in 2012.

Retail Therapy - the Weekend Gardener retail halls

While the focus of the Auckland Flower Show is firmly on providing inspiration through the displays and presentations, there's also the opportunity to eat and shop! The Weekend Gardener Retail Halls are fully undercover with four clearly defined retail areas:
  • Garden and Garden related retail.
  • Speciality Foods and Kitchen.
  • The "Ladies Market" (fashion and beauty products not normally available in retail stores).
  • Plant and Flower sales. (The central Alexandra Park location, and the ease of parking, makes the purchase of plants and flowers, and getting them to your car, much more viable.)

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We hope that we will see you all the The Auckland Flower Show in November next year, and that you will help us to make this another event to remember

If you were one of the many thousands who attended the Auckland Flower Show 2008 then you will know what a great, world-class show that it was.

Indeed when one of our esteemed international judges from Australiae says that the Melbourne Flower Show could learn from us then we know that we have achieved the standard that we set out to achieve.

If you missed it then make sure that you click here to register so that you get all the early offers for next year.

Alternatively if you want to exhibit next year then please Click here to enter your details (and you will then be directed to the appropriate exhibitor's guide) or Email us.

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