The Auckland Flower Show
The Auckland Flower Show 2012

The Auckland Flower Show Speaker Series

The Speaker Serieswill provide many highly informative talks on everything to do with garden and garden design, floral art, plant care.

The following were the highly qualified and recognised speakers who gave presentations at the 2008 show - expect the same sort of highly informative and educational seminars in 2012

Thursday 20th November    
11am - 11-45 am Roy Neale Growing Orchids
12 noon - 12-45 pm Mark Dean Gardening & the Coastal Dune Environment
1pm - 1-45 pm Terry Hatch Native Hedging Plants
2pm - 2-45 pm Jim Fogarty Designing Gardens in Australia
3pm - 3-45pm Andrew Pfeiffer A Sense of Place
4pm - 4-45pm Mark Pampling Inspiration Restructured;
Friday 21st November    
11am - 11-45 am Rose Thodey &
Gil Hanley
The Artful Gardener
12 noon - 12-45 pm Iain Stephens Guns and Roses
1pm - 1-45 pm Kay Baxter Organics
2pm - 2-45 pm Lynda Hallinan & Jane Wrigglesworth Homegrown Herbs
3pm - 3-45pm Andrew Boylan Bring your Garden Alive with Fruit
4pm - 4-45pm Julie Moore The Subtropical Picking garden
Saturday 22nd November    
11am - 11-45 am Jim Fogarty Show Gardens
12 noon - 12-45 pm Mark Pampling Inspiration Restructured
1pm - 1-45 pm Kay Baxter Heritage Plants
2pm - 2-45 pm Terry Hatch Native Hedging Plants
3pm - 3-45pm Lynda Hallinan &
Jane Wrigglesworth
Homegrown Herbs
4pm - 4-45pm Julie Moore The Edible Garden
Sunday 23rd November    
11am - 11-45 am Rose Thodey &
Gil Hanley
The Artful Gardener
12 noon - 12-45 pm Iain Stephens Guns and Roses
1pm - 1-45 pm Roy Neale Growing Orchids
2pm - 2-45 pm Andrew Boylan Bring your Garden Alive with Fruit

Speaker profiles

Andrew Pfeiffer
Andrew is a truly international Landscape Designer. For years, he has divided his time into roughly three-month blocks between Sydney, England and France, North and South America and other European countries.
Andrew has written about his work in three inspiring books: ‘A Sense of Place’, 1999,  ‘Creating Style’ (Pleasure of Gardening), 1992 and ‘Australian Garden Design’, 1985. In ‘A Sense of Place’ each chapter is devoted to a separate garden on which Andrew Pfeiffer has worked in different parts of the world.  Apart from Australia, the gardens chosen are in Spain, the United States, Uruguay and France.  In her review of the book for the English magazine Gardens Illustrated, Jinny Blom said, "(T)his book is notable for the passion and energy (Andrew Pfeiffer) applies to his work : hunting for exactly the right palms with bent trunks 'to animate' a garden, humping huge rocks around with the aid of a crane to achieve a certain character for a waterfall or living in a hut up a Majorcan mountain to understand the maquis landscape.  These details set him apart from the majority of designers ".

Andrew will talk about his own work - an experience not to be missed.

Jim Fogarty - ‘Designing Gardens in Australia’ & ‘Show Gardens’
Jim Fogarty graduated from Burnley Horticultural College in 1992 with a passion for designing & building gardens. Today he designs gardens for private and commercial clients as well as designing Show Gardens.
Jim has won numerous awards at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show including Gold, Design Excellence and has twice won the City of Melbourne Best in Show Award. Jim was invited by the Singapore National Parks Board to compete in the 2006 Inaugural Singapore Garden Festival where he was amongst the top medal winners including the RHS (UK) Award for Horticultural Excellence. In the recent 2008 Singapore Garden Festival, Jim was awarded a Gold Medal for his garden inspired by Jervis Bay in Australia.

Jim will talk about designing gardens in Australia as well as his experiences designing Show Gardens.

Mark Pampling - ‘Inspiration Restructured’
Inspiration can be both an abundant and an elusive friend for Floral Designers.  Mark will discuss the many and varied sources of his inspiration and how a simple spark in the imagination can kick start the design process. From initial inspiration, through perspiration to final satisfaction, Mark will take you through his journeys in botanical creativity.

Iain Stephens - ‘Guns and Roses’
Iain will speak of his experiences as NZ entrant for the Interflora World Cup 2004 Melbourne, the preparation, event and where it took him in Europe the following year working for celebrities and the rich and famous on the French Riviera. Also about the next Interflora world cup in Shanghai 2009 and his involvement as 2nd in charge and becoming President of Interflora Pacific Unit in Shangahi at our conference 2 days before the cup......

Kay Baxter - ‘Organics - is it enough?’ & ‘Heritage Plants’
Kay has been collecting and growing old fruit trees, vegetables & flowers for over 25 years and is a founder of the Koanga Institute. “As a home gardener I've always been a committed 'organic' grower, however I'm realising now that organic does not necessarily mean nutritious food. Perhaps we have to take another look????”
What role have heritage plants played in the past, what role could they play in the future.... in light of current understandings of their superior nutritional content and the serious malnutrition that is widespread amongst probably all of us..... How can we best save them so we have them for the future?

Rose Thodey & Gil Hanley - ‘The Artful Gardener’
Rose has been a gardening writer for nearly 20 years, principally with New Zealand Herald & New Zealand Gardener. She has contributed to several books and in 2006 collaborated with Gil Hanley on the fabulous ‘Landscape, Gardens by New Zealand’s Top Designers’. Gil has been a photographer for over 25 years, contributing to 15 gardening books.
Rose will present words, with Gil’s images, from their recently published book ‘The Artful Gardener’ You will be encouraged to experiment with all the opportunities presented by the concept of art in the garden and the garden as art.

Books will be available for sale & signing at the end of the talk.

Mark Dean - ‘Gardening And The Coastal Dune Environment’
Mark Dean is the founder and a director of Naturally Native NZ Plants. He has been involved in restoration planting projects for over 25 years including dune restoration. Mark is currently chair of the NZ Dune Restoration Trust. He has considerable experience in planting on sand dunes and coastal garden environment.

Terry Hatch - ‘Native Hedging Plants’
Terry Hatch has been a plants person for over 50 years. He trained in England before emigrating to New Zealand where he established Joy Plants in 1965. He has won numerous top Ellerslie Flower Show awards & worked on the ‘100% New Zealand’ Gold winning Chelsea Flower Show exhibit. Terry is currently President of the International Plant Propagators Society & member of NZ Gardens Trust. He will demonstrate some original ideas for use of native plants as hedging.

Julie Moore - ‘The Subtropical Picking Garden’ & ‘The Edible Garden’
For more than 20 years Jules Moore has been involved not only in all aspects of the landscaping arena but also in floral displays. She has created numerous top award winning displays for the Ellerslie Flower Show. (including Peoples Choice & Supreme awards). Having grown cut foliage and flowers for export she brings a different slant to designing gardens with her innovative ideas, both as a florist and a designer. Plants are selected for aesthetics and function. Edibles should not only taste good but look good, as well is being just simply pleasing to the soul.

Roy Neale - ‘Growing Orchids’
Roy is presently serving his second term as president of the Waitakere Orchid
Club (previously Auckland Orchid Club), and is Vice President of the Orchid Council of NZ. He has been growing and breeding orchids for 28 years, mainly cymbidiums, but is now changing direction and growing a mixture of other genera with a view to hobby growing rather than commercial.

Lynda Hallinan & Jane Wrigglesworth - ‘Homegrown Herbs’
Learn how to grow, harvest and eat your own fresh herbs this summer with
entertaining advice from Lynda Hallinan & Jane Wrigglesworth from New
Zealand Gardener magazine. Lynda and Jane will also be signing copies of  NZ
Gardener's latest special collector's edition about herbs.

Andrew Boylan - ‘Bring your Garden Alive with Fruit’
The founder of the incredible edibles® range with new and interesting ways to bring edible plants into your gardens. Ever heard of Japanese Raisins, Ice-cream Beans, how about growing your own coffee or tea? Come along and find out about them and become the talk of your street.

If you were one of the many thousands who attended the Auckland Flower Show 2008 then you will know what a great, world-class show that it was.

Indeed when one of our esteemed international judges from Australiae says that the Melbourne Flower Show could learn from us then we know that we have achieved the standard that we set out to achieve.

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