The Auckland Flower Show
Auckland Flower Show 2008

New venue confirmed - 15th March 2008

Auckland Flower Show Ltd is pleased to announce that the venue for this years Auckland Flower Show is now confirmed as the comprehensively developed venue at Alexandra Park in Epsom, just 2.1km from the Ellerslie Racecourse where flower shows in Auckland began in 1994.

The new venue has so many advantages - it is very picturesque, flat, in the middle of the city and closer to most people who visit the show (indeed within walking distance for thousands of would-be visitors), with easy access from anywhere in Auckland and with very direct access from the motorway for visitors from outside Auckland.

It also has tar sealed car-parking on site that will accommodate most if not all visitors without having to be bussed from their cars, and also of course with comprehensive existing public transport that already services the area, and is also much easier for chartered buses to access as well.

It also has comprehensive infrastructure already existing on the site, with many of the exhibits being in existing buildings rather than marquees with grass floors, all accessways around the site tarsealed, a licensed cafe open 7 days, proper toilet facilities and many other facilities that you would expect in a venue that has been continually developed over a period of more than 100 years.

Story ends.....

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