The Auckland Flower Show
The Auckland Flower Show 2010

'Armagarden' -a not so serious sustainability message

Sustainable gardens are the way of the future, and serving as inspiration for a fresh approach in landscaping. But what might happen if we don't start to build planet-saving principles into our way of living? It's a question on the minds of landscapers Tim Friday and Adrian Fry, and they will provide some tongue-in-cheek answers in their garden design for this year's Auckland Flower Show.

Tim and Adrian, partners in Sticks and Stones Ltd, a paving and landscape feature materials supply company, are bringing a touch of humour to the theme of sustainability in their exhibition design, called 'Armagarden'. A play on the Armageddon story, the garden will be more of a deconstruction of paradise than a creation.

"We like to have a bit of fun whilst also making an impression and two ways to be memorable are to do the unexpected and to make people laugh. A humorous garden is unexpected, so it should be a recipe for success," says Tim.

Their 'Outdoor Living' concept for an exhibition last year illustrates the point. It featured a stylish sofa made of turf and positioned for watching an old TV set that had its insides replaced with a fish tank. The hearth rug was also made of turf, on top of a sprung mattress base, which created the sensation of walking on a water bed. This was all comfortably perched in front of a schist fireplace, with a box-hedge fireguard protecting onlookers from multicoloured flax bush flames.

Just how the Armagarden will unfold at the Auckland Flower Show will remain a little mysterious until the event. But meteor strikes, landslides and volcanic activity will all take their place in the garden setting.

The garden marks the launch of 'Sticks and Stones' and will be backed up with a retail stand displaying a few more of the products. The stone range includes flagstones, cobbles, edging stones, and feature rocks, and the stick range includes large format slabs, driftwood and rustic timbers, old and new.

Tim and Adrian are also partners in 'Take It Outside' Ltd, the landscape design and build firm that will undertake the garden for Sticks and Stones.

Story ends...

If you were one of the many thousands who attended the Auckland Flower Show 2008 then you will know what a great, world-class show that it was.

Indeed when one of our esteemed international judges from Australiae says that the Melbourne Flower Show could learn from us then we know that we have achieved the standard that we set out to achieve.

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